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Your go-to tool for generating unique logos, defining color palettes, marketing content and much more without any specialized skills!

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Business Owners,


Sugests Brand name

FirMate crafts a brand name tailored to your unique needs, ensuring it resonates with your customers.

Design Logo

Obtain a logo effortlessly, perfectly aligned with your vision, meeting current design trends and standards, without the need for graphic work.
Design logo

Creates Brand identity

Unlock a personalized color palette and tailor-made fonts, designed to resonate seamlessly with your target audience.

Propose Brand strategy

Identifies your target audience, sets the tone of voice, and crafts unique selling points.

Prepares ready-to-use Marketing content

Experience the convenience of having your personal marketing agency at your fingertips.

FirMate effortlessly generates social media content and essential brand materials, from business cards to email signatures, invoices, and letterheads—all without requiring any design skills.

How it works



To understand your brand better, we just have two simple questions about your company and your requirements, and FirMate will be ready to generate your brand.

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Brand Generation


Manage and create

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Brand Generation

You'll receive a preview of your brand in a sleek, modern style, containing all the essentials to get started with your company.

If you're not satisfied with the result, you can regenerate the entire brand with the desired changes.

Generate Brand Image

Manage and create

Generate Brand Image



Brand Generation


Manage and create

With a full account, you get the option to edit each individual part of your brand and generate new marketing content.

FirMate help you generate ideas, write copy, design advertisements and social media content.

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Manageandcreate Image

What FirMate can do for you

Copy texts

Write content for social media, products, ads, and blogs.


Create or enhance images for your content using the power of AI.

Social media

Craft stories, posts, carousels, and diverse social media content.

Banner Ads

Create ads of all sizes for Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and more.

Brand materials

Business cards, email signatures, invoices, letterheads, and more.

Brand Kit

Centralize logo, colors, fonts, tone of voice, and all brand info in one place.

Curated templates

Pro-designed templates for your content.

Creative ideas

Generate creative ideas for your next post or ad campaign.

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There will be more

business solution

We are in the first stage of developing a new tool for simplifying brand management, marketing content creation, and overall company administration.

Full brand control

Whether you're starting from scratch, seeking help to craft a brand name, logo, and materials, or working with existing brand data, our system seamlessly adapts to your unique needs.

Create marketing content

Effortlessly create content like social media posts, ads, emails, copy, and more, fine-tuned for maximum conversion rates, all driven by your brand information. No design skills required.

Campaigns automation

Integrated with all major social media platforms. Create post plans, set budgets, schedule, and publish everything from one place. You can set up or automatically generate multi-channel campaigns.

Company management

Manage your company projects, products, customers and finances from one app. Track your progress and collaborate on tasks with your team.

Detailed marketing analytics

Get all important informations about your company and marketing efforts. Connect with marketing tools such as Google Analytics and visualize all data at one place.


Simplify teamwork with collaboration features that facilitate seamless cooperation on various project types. Centralize your comments, proofing, and email communication in one convenient location.

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